Navigating the menus of your MaxxOne Elite IPC Tester

MaxxOne Elite


Last Update a year ago

In this video we will navigate the main menu of the new MaxxOne IPC tester.

Step By Step Guide

1. From the main menu you will see various different abilities that you can use on the MaxxOne IPC tester.

2. ONVIF test is used for testing IP cameras.

3. Analog Camera is used for testing analogue cameras.

4. Network tools is used for setting up your WIFI network and IP settings.

5. WIFI/RF tools can be used to perform network and spectrum tests.

6. Cable TDR test is used to test the integrity of any ethernet cable.

7. Playback is used to view videos and images that are stored on the IPC tester.

8. Data monitor can be used to test RS485 connections and Baud rates.

9. Signal generator is used to test signal strength per technology i.e. AHD, TVI, HDMI etc.

10. OPM is an optical power meter that can be used to test the power outage of a power supply.

11. DDM is a Digital Multi meter which allows you control of power across DC and AC and also allows tests on Diodes, conductivity and so on.

12. Setup gives you access to the IPC testers core settings including language, date and time, available upgrades etc.

13. In order to go back from any of these menus you can press the mode button and you will be taken back to the main menu.