Testing a MaxxOne Elite IP Camera with your MaxxOne Elite IPC Tester

MaxxOne Elite


Last Update a year ago

In this video we are going to set up a IP camera with the new MaxxOne IPC Tester.

Step By Step Guide

1. Plug an ethernet cable into the blue input connection on the IPC tester and the opposite end into the camera.

2. This IPC tester is capable of providing POE so as long as the camera that is being tested supports POE you will not need to power the camera separately.

3. Once done select the ONVIF test menu on the IPC tester. Here you will see plenty of on-screen information that can help you with your installation.

4. From here you will need to select Discover camera. Here you can select the camera you have connected and input it credentials. This includes username and password. Once connected press Next.

5. This will take you to the Video & PTZ menu. Here you can view your camera, take snapshots, record videos direct to the IPC tester, change camera settings and control a PTZ if necessary.